Samantha Hadley, REALTOR®


“Let's collaborate to turn your real estate Dreams into Reality!”

 Meet our Realtor® agent, Samantha Hadley, whose journey into the world of real estate was fueled by an enduring love for homes and a desire to assist others. Samantha has always been captivated by houses - their architecture, design, and the stories they held within their walls. Her fascination with real estate began early, as her kids fondly recall being taken on tours of open houses.

Samantha began working early, and has worked extensively. She even began volunteering her time teaching and coaching swimming when she was just 14. Recently, she has focused on working with children with disabilities, finding fulfillment in helping these youngsters achieve their potential.

Her experiences in coaching and volunteering has honed her ability to connect with people from all walks of life, understand their needs, and provide personalized support. Her patience, empathy, and unwavering commitment make her an invaluable asset in the real estate world, ensuring that every client receives not just a property, but a place they can truly call home. What sets Samantha apart is her deep-seated commitment to helping people. Having faced obstacles herself, she empathizes with the struggles of others, and her journey has fueled her dedication to supporting individuals in finding their dream homes, making the process as seamless as possible. Serving the entirety of Brevard County, Samantha approaches selling houses as if it were a treasure hunt. The thrill she experiences when matching a buyer with a home they can truly love helps drive her passion for real estate. She keeps current, checking mortgage rates daily, along with market stats, and has recently completed her GRI 100. She understands the importance of continually educating herself in the ever changing real estate industry.

Outside of her professional life, Samantha has a profound love for water-related activities - such as ocean swimming, diving, paddle boarding, and fishing -which not only enriches her knowledge of the area but also grants her a deeper understanding of coastal living, a significant aspect of many properties within our Space Coast. Samantha also finds solace through her artwork, finding the art she creates to be a great stress reliever. She's currently expanding her horizons by learning to play the piano, showcasing her eagerness for personal growth and new experiences.



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