Kerri Worden, REALTOR®


Kerri Worden is a Rising Star in the Space Coast Real Estate Arena. 

Kerri is a graduate of The University of Central Florida. After graduating with her Bachelors degree, she worked as a teacher for 8 years ranging from Elementary Education up to High School where she worked with Exceptional Education Students and taught Biology. 

She decided to get into real estate after an anniversary trip with her husband, where they stayed in various vacation "tiny homes". Upon getting home from their vacation Kerri thought it was an interesting idea to get into vacation rentals, and with the encouragement and support of her husband, she sat for her Real Estate Exam. 

Within her first full year of real estate, Kerri worked most of the year full time as a teacher, and also launched her area youth football program from the ground up all while taking in almost 5 million dollars in production. 

Kerri comes highly recommend from all transactions she has worked with. She is noted as going above and beyond, and offering step by step guidance and encouragement throughout the transactions. 

When asking Kerri what her favorite thing about Real Estate is, she answered "on the buyer side, I love helping first time home buyers on their journey because it's such a monumental step, and is of the utmost importance to have information readily available about the home buying process so the buyers are making an informed decision. It's so rewarding to see the buyer's body language change when deciding on their home, and talking of future plans, it's so awesome! On the seller's side, Kerri has had the pleasure of assisting several estate sales. This has been rewarding to Kerri to be entrusted with such a big moment for many sellers. Kerri noted that she loves going through the houses with remaining heirs and hearing of memories that filled the homes. 

Kerri is local to North Brevard where she lives with her husband and two sons. They stay active in the community in various ways, and enjoy supporting local small businesses. If you're in the market, don't hesitate to reach out. Whether saying hey, asking her to work with you on the sale or purchase of your home, or asking for local small business recommendations, she'd love to "Kerri You Home"!


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